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An Evening with Matthew Weiner

8 November 2017 - 5:55pm -- miranda
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An Evening with Matthew Weiner

2017-11-28 18:30:00


Matthew Weiner
Joe Haddow

We’re thrilled to be partnering with Waterstones Piccadilly to present Matthew Weiner, discussing his debut work of fiction, Heather, The Totality, with Joe Haddow.

Renowned for the creation of Mad Men, and his work on The Sopranos, Matthew’s forensic eye and extraordinary character work carry over from his work in television into his first work of fiction. Sharp and interrogative, Weiner examines power privilege on a familial level, whilst simultaneously addressing broader social structures.

The Breakstone family arrange themselves around their daughter Heather, and the world seems to follow: beautiful, compassionate, entrancing, she is the greatest blessing in their lives of Manhattan luxury. But as Heather grows - and her empathy sharpens to a point, and her radiance attracts more and more dark interest - their perfect existence starts to fracture. Meanwhile a very different life, one raised in poverty and in violence, is beginning its own malign orbit around Heather.

This event will be chaired by the host of the Man Booker Prize podcast, Joe Haddow.

Please join us for what promises to be a truly special event.

Heather, The Totality is superb. It gripped me at once. There was no question of turning away at any point. Weiner conveys the sense that beyond the brilliantly chosen details there was a wealth of similarly truthful social and psychological perception unstated. Then there was the ice-cold mercilessness, of a kind that reminded me (oddly, I suppose, but there it was) of Evelyn Waugh. This novel is something special” 
Philip Pullman