Joshua Levine: Dunkirk

17 September 2017 - 1:59pm -- miranda
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Joshua Levine: Dunkirk

Kings Place, Hall 1

2017-09-27 19:30:00



Joshua Levine
Chair: Jason Solomons

Dunkirk: The History behind the Major Motion Picture is told by Joshua Levine, the historical advisor to Christopher Nolan, in its full, sweeping context. Topping the Sunday Times bestseller list, Levine’s is a  riveting true account of the soldiers, airmen and civilians involved in the nine-day event in 1940, that has passed into legend. The book includes new interviews with veterans and survivors, who were among the 3000,000 trapped Allied troops dramatically saved from destruction at the hands of the enemy, through an extraordinary seaborne evacuation.  Joshua Levine was in conversation with film critic Jason Solomons

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Joshua Levine is the author of seven bestselling histories and has been nominated for two book awards. He presents documentaries and writes plays for Radio 4. His On a Wing and a Prayer, the history of the pilots of the First World War, was turned into a major television documentary and he recently fronted the Channel 4 documentary about Dunkirk. Joshua Levine had a previous career as a criminal barrister. 

Jason Solomons is one of Britain’s leading film critics. He writes in The Observer and the Mail on Sunday, pops up on BBC London radio and appears on Channel 5. In between, he reports from film festivals around the world. Jason lives in north-east London, listens to jazz, watches Arsenal and loves smoked salmon bagels.