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The London Cage

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Helen Fry
Chair: Trudy Gold

Helen Fry’s riveting book finally uncovers the fiercely-guarded and controversial military secrets regarding London’s Kensington-based interrogation centre during WWII. She provides sensational evidence to counter official denials concerning the use of ‘truth drugs’ and ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’, bringing dark secrets to light. 

Read Was Britian Guilty of Torture Too? - the Daily Mail article about Helen's book.

Helen Fry is an award-winning historian, biographer and documentary film consultant. She has written more than 20 books focusing on intelligence, prisoners of war and the social history of the Second World War. Fry also writes popular fiction, under the pseudonym JH Schryer, with James Hamilton. She is an honorary research fellow at the Department of Hebrew & Jewish Studies at UCL, a member of the Biographers’ Club and an Honorary member of the AJR. She is also a trustee and Deputy Chair of the Trent Park Museum Trust. 

Trudy Gold is director of Holocaust Studies at JW3 and former chief executive of the LJCC. For years a member of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, she has been at the forefront of Holocaust Education in Britain, Eastern Europe and China. She is the author of a timeline of Jewish History, and editor in chief of the educational resource Understanding the Holocaust.