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The Strange Death of Europe

2 January 2018 - 11:03am -- miranda
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The Strange Death of Europe

Kings Place, Hall 1

2018-03-06 19:00:00



Douglas Murray
Chair: Rod Liddle

Is Europe a continent with its finger on the self-destruct button? Douglas Murray reflects on Europe’s pervasive and seemingly unfathomable inertia in the face of an immigration crisis, the potential failure of multiculturalism, and the Western fixation on guilt. He travels from Paris to Berlin, from Scandinavia to Greece, in his quest to uncover the malaise at the very heart of European culture. But is the future really so bleak? 

This event is now sold out, but tickets for a live relay screening in Hall 2 are now on sale for £9.50.

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Douglas Murray is an associate editor of The Spectator and writes frequently for a variety of other publications, including the Sunday Times, Standpoint and the Wall Street Journal. He appears regularly on TV and radio and has given talks at both the British and European Parliaments and the White House.

Rod Liddle is an author, journalist and broadcaster. He is an associate editor of The Spectator, and writes weekly for the Sunday Times and The Sun. His last book was Selfish Whining Monkeys. He is from Middlesbrough.