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Live Literary Lounge
Artists: Tom Stables and Rebecca Lucraft, Nearlyologists: Jia-Yu Corti and Chris Meade , Schmoozing for art: Brian Lobel, Lisa Gornick, Season Butler, Jonathan Kemp, Julian Fox, Sophie Robinson., Writer and Blogger: Gemma Seltzer
Sunday, 24 February 2013

Experience the event as it happened:


In addition to the 70+ events at the festival, for one day only the lobby of Kings Place was transformed into a hive of experimental wordsmithery. 

We commissioned eight artists to be playful with language and the power of communication through a variety of different medium.
It was free and you could just pop in or stay all afternoon.
'Schmoozing for Art' - a series of one-on-one performances exploring intimacy, serendipity and the classic art of the Schmooze. If you see a stranger standing in a corner, simply say Hi. You may get taken on a wild journey, a romantic encounter, or a ridiculous ride. Maybe the stranger will not be one of the Schmoozing for Art performers... and maybe you'll just end up having a lovely conversation. Featuring original performance work by an all-star literary cast including Lisa Gornick, Season Butler, Jonathan Kemp, Julian Fox, Sophie Robinson.
Artists Tom Stables and Rebecca Lucraft will be making the space look beautiful:
Writer and blogger Gemma Seltzer will write a series of live stories based on her observations of the festival crowds. Unseen by the audience, she will create fictional pieces out of random interactions and conversations between friends and strangers, which will be projected simultaneously onto a screen. Watch out, you might be planting a seed for a story…
Also, throughout the day visitors are invited to contribute to a display of Nearlies - stories of things that nearly happened to us which we’d like acknowledged as part of who we are – in exchange for ‘I Nearly’ badges. These anecdotes, gathered on paper and online, will form an element in What Didn’t Quite, the digital fiction currently being written by author and bookfutures blogger Chris Meade. From time to time he and dancer Jia-Yu Corti will perform a twenty minute piece involving the nearlyological manifesto, a nearlydance of transformation, a paper costume designed for the piece by Lucieta Williams, threads of the story being written, the reading and classificiation of collected nearlies.
See you there!

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